Take a look at real-world solutions to everyday technology challenges. The solutions gallery is broken down in to what we call "disciplines" or area of technology in one's home. Each of the disciplines can come together under a custom-tailored integration system to simplify everyday tasks and make living in your home more comfortable, convenient and secure.

Natural Lighting Control

With motorized shading solutions, you can adjust all the shades in your home instantly to enhance privacy, banish harsh glare, protect your valuables from harsh UV radiation and enjoy the improved view outside.

At the touch of a button, control window treatments in an entire room- even a whole home. Enjoy elegant transitions as specially-designed motors raise or lower multiple shades or draperies, in exact unison, and in perfect alignment. The ulta-quiet movement of shades and draperies will help create a distraction-free retreat from your busy life.

Distributed Music Systems

Enjoy high quality sound all around! Imagine being able to listen to the same or different music in every room of your home- at the same time, and all from one system.

Perhaps you have a CD player in your game room, but would like to easily access the same player from the kitchen while fixing dinner. With a whole home music system, you can easily enjoy music you want, wherever and whenever you want to. Additional music sources can be easily added to the system: AM/FM radio, CDs, digital music, satellite radio and much more.

By combining any type of speaker with volume controls or LCD keypads, we can create an easy to use whole home music solution.

Media Room Systems and Home Theater

This is the room where you gather with friends and family to watch movies and television, listen to music and play your favorite video games. It’s also much more than that. It’s where you treat yourself, and others. Picture a high definition projector shooting a brilliant picture onto a massive screen that drops from above, as if from nowhere. Imagine the soundtrack of the movie dancing all around you, pulling you into the heart of the action. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive solution with top of the line electronics or a simplified system for watching television, we can create a system geared exactly toward your needs.

Lighting Control

Whether you're looking for ideas for a specific room or interested in controlling all of your lights with a whole home system, give yourself the unlimited freedom to change the light that surrounds you. With a single touch of a button you can have the lights in your home change to a preset level for entertaining guests, highlighting art work and even turn the lights on/off throughout your home. Lighting control can be customized to fit your lifestyle and can easily be integrated with motorized window shades and drapery.


Home Networking

The home network is quickly becoming the backbone for not only Internet access, but also local communication of home technology devices. Integrisys will build a robust and secure network in your home to allow residents to access the Internet through wired or wireless connects, and also connect with home automation equipment to wirelessly control aspects of your home as desired.

Of course, we'll take every appropriate measure to be sure that your data remains private and safe from internet viruses and vulnerabilities. We even provide a Home Networking Support service to help you with connection issues and other problems with your home computer connectivity.

Climate Control

By communicating with your Heating and Cooling equipment, you are able to gain a greater level of control over your space. Simple programming allows a control system to adjust the temperature in your home to appropriate levels, automatically when you're away, asleep or gone for an extended period of time. Energy savings is only one benefit of the system.

Media Server

If your CD or DVD library is growing out of control or if you are tired of looking for that missing disc, it may be time to consider adding a digital media server in your home. Just as an iPod™ digitally stores and plays your music, a digital media server easily stores your music and movies. Not only that, but you can instantly access them from any television, touch panel or computer.

Imagine someone that stores, manages, instantly locates and plays audio and video content with the same quality as the original. Imagine someone that automatically recognizes, categorizes, organizes and access all your content. A digital music and DVD server does just that and combines the worlds of music, movies and personal multimedia content.

One server can support up to 25 viewing zones (players) which means that someone could be watching the same movie or a different movie at the same time in any room in the house.

iPod™ Integration

If you have an iPod™ or other digital music player, you're already starting to amass a digital music collection. Integrisys can help you share and distribute that music throughout your home through simple and intuitive user interfaces.


Home Integration and Automation

The idea is simple yet revolutionary: integration breaks down the complexities of technology and makes it simple and convenient- all custom designed so you spend less time pushing buttons and more time enjoying life. Integrisys can easily integrate your audio/video, lighting and shades, climate, and almost anything else your lifestyle demands. Let us custom design a solution that simplifies your life.

Amenities Services

Reserved for a select few luxury condominium and estate communities, the Amenities solutions offers the ultimate in convenience and luxury by incorporating the latest technology into the building's infrastructure. This technology enables you to easily access localized information, building services and management services from any touch screen in your home.

Even better, you can also access these services from any web browser in the world. Here's a short list of services:

o Easily view local traffic conditions, local news headlines, weather
o Valet Call
o Request your car or a guest's car with a touch of a button
o Concierge Services
o Request a wake up call, taxi, or limousine
o View your visitor log
o Errand service, dry cleaner pick up, etc.
o Package pick-up
o Private wine collection
o View Area Restaurant Menus, schedule reservations and order food
o Maintenance Services
o Emergency Services
o Electrical/Plumbing Requests
o Building Amenities and Services
o Reserve party room, court times, conference room, etc.
o Info Center
o Building and Association News Bulletins
o View Association Bills